Rejuvenate at

Colorvat One

Introducing our new private studio; designed to accommodate YOU exclusively.  Enjoy acustomized experience to appeal to your senses.  Our trained technicians will assess your unique needs to create the ultimate experience in hand, foot and skin care.  Using only the best European products on the market, you will leave beautified, recharged and balanced.

The studio is completely private for each member.  The space is sanitized between each appointment with hospital grade liquids.  A personalized manicure set will be created and stored for each member.  Food & beverage offerings are individually packaged for extra comfort.

COLORVAT® One is available exclusively to our members.  Rejuvenate yourself OR join us with a friend or partner.  Both single & couple memberships available.

Services & Products
Our European technicians are exclusively trained by award winning beauty Olympians and medical professionals. Our experts know what you need when they see you.  They will assess your nailcare, footcare & skincare needs, and provide all the services necessary.  You will receive best services on the market, using the highest grade 100% European made products.  Our team is working with laboratories in Europe to ensure all our products are safe and utilize the best possible ingredients for your nail care.