As COLORVAT® we have redefined nail care.
As COLORVAT ONE we will redefine the nail care experience.

Our salon will no longer be open to the public and will be a members only community. Due to the limitation we ONLY accept 80 registered members from 2800 active clients.
Member packages will be available in four tiers explained below.

All members will be entitled to:
A private experience with only 2 clients simultaneously scheduled in studio.
Complimentary beverage service including, cappuccino, champagne and wine, as well as complimentary light bites.
Personalized music of your choice to accompany the customized services available in the membership package you choose.

The cost of membership is $299.00 annually.

Members will be able to choose from the following packages for their appointments to ensure adequate appointment time for the ultimate in luxurious, customized nail care.

Benefits for members: 

  • VIP Private Service ( no crowded – only 2 clients allowed in studio same time)
  • Bevereges included
  • 10% OFF on all home care products
  • One Time Free repair per month
  • Members will receive 3 GUEST PASS ( you can bring your friend or relatives without paying membership ,they can make appointment once a year )
  • Changing your appointment without paying cancellation fee within 24 hours