(2 Hours*)

The Fiberglass Gel Manicure, an innovation in Gel providing 90% less chipping, long lasting, even nails. Our NEW gel has been specially developed to deliver a failsafe strenghthening technique. What makes this product extra special is the tiny artificial silk strands that combine to make it thicker and more flexible. After application we will file and shape the rubber base to create perfect shape for your nails.
(On short and small lenght nails you can choose fiberglass gel manicure, LCN Biogel, Cover Refill Hard Gel overlay)

After consultation your custom Bronze Package may include:
$ 205
  • 2-10 subtle nail designs
  • 2 Avant Garde nail designs
  • Russian Manicure
  • Repairs
  • Anti-Aging hand care

(3 Hours*)

If you like long nails, this is the package for you. Superior Hard Gel and refills as needed (usually twice annually) will provide a modern, long lasting shape with revolutionary durability.
( on medium and long nails refill and extensions )

After consultation your custom Gold Package may include:
$ 295
  • New Acryl Gel (polygel)
  • 1 set of “Stick and Go” nails if you have a special event
  • New modern shapes
  • Hardware and combined cuticle work
  • Repairs
  • 2 subtle and 2 avant gard designs
  • Anti -Age skin care

(2 Hours*)

The ultimate indulgence and care for your pedicure this complete treatment will give you an incredibly durable, long lasting pedicure. First and foremost , "E-file "means electric file. To perform these waterless pedicures , we use special high-quality electric files to exfoliate keratinized tissues without touching living tissues on our clients feet. It is a more deep ,thorough and detailed service in comparison to the regular or classic pedicure. To perform e-file pedicure our highly skilled and and professionally trained nail technician use specialized e-file tools , called "bits". All our bits and implements used always go through intense & meticulous cleaning ,disinfection and sterilization processes after each service.
( E-File and SPA Waterless pedicure )

After consultation your custom Chrome Package may include:
$ 200
  • Gel color application
  • Anti-Aging Foot Treatment
  • LCN Urea Skin Care
  • Red Wine Skin Care
  • E-file Pedicure
  • Barefoot Toenails reconstruction

(3 Hours*)

On short and small length nails fiberglass gel manicure and gel pedicure

After consultation, your custom Platinum package may include:
$ 299
  • SENS Fiberglass Gel Manicure or Compact Nail Plus Hardening gel manicure with single color ( no design )
  • Waterless E-file pedicure with Gel Polish or Regular Polish with single color ( no design )

(3 Hours*)

The solve for your search for the “All in One VIP” service, your customized care will include EVERYTHING you need for your hands and feet. Your services in this package will be completely PRIVATE. At this service 2 technicians able to perform simultaneously.

After consultation, your custom Platinum package may include:
$ 595
  • NEW Fiberglass Gel manicure
  • LCN Bio Gel Overlay
  • Gel Extension and Gel Refill
  • LCN UREA skin care
  • Gel color application on toes
  • Subtle designs on 10 or 4 Avant Garde
  • French design
  • Barefoot Toe Nail reconstruction
  • Gold Mask by LCN

(90 Mins*)


It's more than just cosmetic. Our LCN Dry pedicure will address underlying issues with your feet, making your feet look and feel better at the same time. Foot health is our number one priority.

It's a lot more hygienic than regular pedicures. E-drill pedicure focus on cleaning your feet, and follows the strictest hygiene protocols, avoiding bacterial infection.

You've got all our attention. Because LCN Pedicures are a lot more in-depth than regular pedicures, our technician have time to get to know the issues that are affecting your feet and can address them properly.
$ 200
  • Menicure and Pedicure Combo